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Broadcast your live & on-demand content using a scalable online streaming video platform capable of delivering worldwide no matter your users are.  Anywhere, Anytime.

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Automated. Accurate. Editable. Fast.

Simplify the process for live broadcasts and on-demand video.

BLUME Accent Live  is a scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand content to external audiences – providing businesses, organizers and promoters a scalable solution that saves time and money

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Global Reach
Through our smart content delivery network, online video is delivered with improved geographic reach and reliability by having a built-in backup process with intelligent traffic management.
Low Cost, Low Risk
BLUME Accent Live content is automatically transcoded in the cloud for delivery to virtually any device, with adaptive bitrate support to reach a range of connection speeds. Includes support for website and social network embedding.
Real-time Tracking
BLUME Accent Live tracks viewership in real-time, with insights including geographic location and device used while monitoring stream performance. Download full reports that offer individualized tracking for those who registered.
BLUME Accent Live

Maximizing Productivity

BLUME Accent Video Streaming Manager is one of the most scalable and reliable global streaming video platforms for streaming product launches, media, entertainment and marketing events. The platform leverages AI technology to simplify end-to-end workflow for live and on-demand video.

Powerful, yet simple to use

BLUME Accent Video Streaming Manager is simple enough for beginners, yet flexible enough for experts. Broadcast to millions right from your browser, no technical experience or software download required — or craft a full-scale, multi-camera production utilizing certified partner encoding and production hardware.

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Engaging Audiences

Harness the power of BLU<E Accents’s Facebook and Twitter integrated social stream to tell your story, drive traffic, and amplify your social media presence. Chat with fans and followers in near real-time and enhance your viral reach by enabling viewers to share your content with their own followers.

Control your visibility

Manage the distribution of your videos with BLUME Accents’s flexible publishing and syndication controls. Embed your videos and live broadcasts on your website or on your BLUME TV channel, whitelisting or black-listing domains. For complete control, restrict access with password protection.

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Deliver highly accurate closed captions, continuously improving over time

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Leverage automated speech-recognition capabilities

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Optimized for efficiency with an intuitive UI for caption corrections

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